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Did you know Madrid Offices Workers commute the equivalent distance of... 34 round trips to the moon... every day!?

Smart 3L is the #BigData tool ideagenia has developed to compute total companies commuting. It measures and compares environmental impact and staff commuting in different, current or potential, locations of companies offices.

This infographic is summarizing the results of a #Bigdata study we drove over Madrid city, modeling a total of 900 offices buildings and computing more than 250.000 commuting routes of a statistically coherent population according to published data. 

The bar graph is representing the obtained values for a subset of 63 buildings, within the M30, and is representing the % of benefit of each of them (in total commuting distance), taking the reference value of the worst performer as a 0% (magenta mark). This means location selection within the M30 for any company, could mean as much as +-30% of its commuting impact, therefore impacting CO2 footprint and commuting time.

Can you imagine how many Moon Round Trips we could earn if every company optimize their location with S3L? And how many pollution sceneries?


2017.04.25 Infografia S3L_QUICO_14


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