Smart 3L #BigData System EN

What is Smart3L® ?

#BigData #PropTech application, which is able to compute all the commuting a company will make and its personal, urban and environmental impact, in different locations.

What does it allow?

Comparing different locations impact, as a parameter of environmental responsibility and / or talent retention and acquisition, and the possibility to incorporate it into the decision process of a new location

Who is it for?

  • Companies that know that an optimized location contributes to the recruitment and retention of talent;
  • Companies that want to assess the environmental and urban impact they generate;
  • Companies that value the time their employees spend on transfers;
  • Territory planning entities that want to carry out large-scale mobility analysis*;

*Smart 3L®can work with massive amounts of data simultaneously and there are different Report Levels.

Why do we think it is important?

Real cases in Madrid are giving us impact reductions of more than 30% inside the M30 and much higher in extended areas. We are currently working in applying the concept to many other cities, with coherent results.

Real output data from a Smart 3L®study over 63 commercialized buildings within the M30 highway. Bars represents % of impact reduction of each building compared to the worst case ( 0% [in Magenta]).

  • Means proportional reductions in commuting, consumptions, pollution and urban traffic: In combination with a proactive urban development policy an incentivizing companies to use it effectively, it's becoming a profitable ally with a significant contribution to sustainable cities development.
  • It provides a method with measurable positive results for cities in few years. 
  • Provides proportional reductions in commuting time: It provides HR Departments a complementary tool for the application of eNPS methodologies or the talent recruitment and retention


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